At TABOO, nothing is forbidden. We promote personal empowerment, inspiring our participants to be confident, happy, and excited to explore their taboo fantasies and hearts desires.

To achieve this goal we aim to innovate in the world of media through quality over quantity. The aim is not only to provide content, but industry innovation, by using blockchain technology to create the greatest profit potential for creators coupled with the most exciting environment for consumers. Taboo provides the highest quality and exclusive SFW, NSFW to XXX exclusive media from content creators. All TABOO and preferences are welcome.

Our NFT Marketplace and…

It has been a whirlwind of updates, changes, and great strides forward! Amazing things have been happening, with Taboo, the team, and the community, up to now. Here are the highlights!


We have 2 super models already ON BOARD.

  1. Here are the links to their videos!



2. We have partnered with LiveRichMedia, on Instagram, whose following is in the millions.

3. We have done several AMAs with the community, which can be found on our YouTube.

4. Whitepaper V1 is finished, and Whitepaper V2 is on the way!

5. We have found…

Taboo Token’s first AMA live on voice chat in the official Telegram channel

The community were given a chance to ask questions to CEO James and COO Majid regarding all things Taboo.

See the video below!


After careful review from our core development team, we have made some alterations to our existing tokenomics.

Old tokenomics
7% total txn fee
5% in reflections
2% burn

New tokenomics
7% total txn fee
4% to our LP
2% redistributions
1% burns

The total tax has remained the same. However, we concluded our LP is sitting lower than we’d like. The ratio of BNB% staked to our LP relative to our Marketcap. It is currently sitting at roughly 2.5%. At this stage, 15–20% is an appropriate target.

By raising/promoting LP on every buy and sell it will help reduce price…

Taboo Token

$TABOO are an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.

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