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10 min readNov 29, 2023

We are proud to inform our extensive base of TABOO holders that our Whitepaper V3 is now released and viewable to the public!

Our previous Whitepaper required updating, and we have refined our content to better position what TABOO is today, with the Whitepaper now more visual and organized - all while keeping a classy, premium feel throughout!

As mentioned in prior communications, we have personalized the experience of browsing through the key elements of what TABOO’s core offerings are, and have added additional customizations such as snapshots ranging from our 1st T4 Holder Mansion Event, prior super model photoshoots, and more.

Our content has also been refined and edited further to better reflect and position TABOO’s value propositions and our expected, future trajectory with an updated Roadmap that spans up until 2025!

There will also be a focus on gamifying the TABOO ecosystem across all of our platforms which will become more clear throughout this article.

It has now been added to our current Website and we urge all of our loyal holders, investors, and supermodel partners to take a look at it:

TABOO Whitepaper V3

For the remainder of this Medium article we will deep-dive into some of the touchpoints related to our Roadmap so that a deeper understanding can be gained on what to expect for the remainder of this year and until the end of the 2024 Calendar Year!

Further and additional details pertaining to areas of our Roadmap will be unveiled over time.

Please note that while Roadmaps are considered guidelines, the TABOO team is fully committed to carrying these visions forward, but of course, periodically, there will and can be adjustments to the Roadmap to meet the demands of the rapidly moving Cryptocurrency Market.

At any time, if there are any possible delays, or changes to our Roadmap plans we will ensure full transparency to our community and notify everyone.

As it stands, we are confident in these Roadmap plans that we will now discuss a bit more closely below but remember to review the Whitepaper in it’s entirety too!


Q4 2023


  • For the near term, our new and improved Marketplace and updated Website is scheduled for release for the end of Q4 2023.
  • The first phase of our updated Marketplace release will feature a whole new look, designed to be classy yet seductive to capture the eyes of not only crypto enthusiasts but also Adult Content consumers where we turn our focus to mass adoption.
  • New and improved onramps using cutting edge technology will help simplify the onboarding process for new users. Utilizing these on-ramps will allow users to purchase TABOO through most major debit/credit card providers.
  • Both Custodial and Non-Custodial wallet solutions — this new feature will allow users to either connect their wallet or make use of a non-custodial wallet within our new marketplace, allowing for mass adoption through means of simplification.
  • Model of the Month addition — the new marketplace will launch with a new feature in which month by month a new model will be crowned “Model of the Month” — this model will be available for live streams (upon our live-stream feature launch), feature limited edition ranges within our merch store and much more!

TABOO Model Photoshoot

  • We will be ending our year off in style with a December photoshoot located in LA, California and scheduled in the early stages of December. The content from this photoshoot will be added into our new Marketplace.

TABOO Calendars

  • Our TABOO 2024 Calendars are now in production and over the next few days we will be releasing, onto our Website, the opportunity for our holders to own this exclusive TABOO merchandise featuring our supermodels at exotic locations around the globe.
  • As a way to start gamifying our ecosystem, each calendar will have a unique code that can be used on our new marketplace to unlock bonus rewards, prizes, and incentives including (but not limited to) live-streaming passes, TABOOPUNKS, NFT’s, $TABOO tokens, discounts in our upcoming merch store, and more goodies!

Updated Automatic Smart Contracts

  • Updated and revised automatic smart contracts — This feature will bring with it an ease of use for users wanting to stake, unstake and buy $TABOO.

Q1 2024

Merchandise Store Launch

  • We have partnered with a globally recognized brand to bring you the latest online virtual store utilizing state of the art systems for sourcing the best quality products in a sustainable fashion in line with environmental regulations and licensing.
  • Model product range offerings: With our supermodels at the forefront of helping elevate and maintain our brand/business there is no better way to reward them than to share remuneration earnings attained with them through their very own range of products, inspiring them to market and continue to showcase $TABOO to their followers and fans.
  • Core & Premium product range: The store will list a variety of products for every adult content consumer, with examples ranging from simple branded playing cards to TABOO branded Whiskey! There will truly will be something for everyone and for what your heart truly desires.
  • Phygital items: Ever dreamed of hanging your favourite NFT Art or TABOOPUNK on your wall? Through our array of wall art frames and print-on-demand items you will be able to showcase your digital content.
  • Exclusive ranges: In our merch store we will showcase one-off ranges which include our slogan “The Playboy of Crypto” and “Nothing is forbidden” keeping exclusivity at the forefront of our product offerings.

Members-Only Subscription Services

Subscription services will allow access to exclusive services such as:

  • TABOO Times Magazine
  • Automatic entry into our HOLDERS ONLY Taboo Poker Tournaments
  • TABOO and Model specific calendars
  • Discounts throughout the Taboo merch store and our exclusive ranges
  • TABOO Talks recordings
  • Live Streaming discounts and early access passes
  • Early access to unreleased content
  • And additional benefits and features yet to be disclosed

*Please note that this will continue to be evolved over time, and given our gamification and mass onboarding focuses these subscription services will also benefit new investors, users, and even individuals who are new to Crypto*

Live-Streaming (Private Rooms) Release

  • Taboo’s Live-Streaming addition will provide the ultimate experience for users on our marketplace, where you will have the chance to chat 1-on-1 with your favourite supermodel in a private and secure environment. This feature has 2 parts:

A) Live-Streaming (crowd-based)

  • Our platform will allow members-only to join a live streaming session with other users where the supermodel will chat and engage with fans in group format, and users will have the ability to TIP in $TABOO. There will be random streams at random times so make sure you are on our Marketplace and ready at any time to meet your favourite supermodel.

B) Live-Streaming (1-on-1)

  • Purchasing a 1 on 1 Live-Stream pass will be easier than ever before. Through our classy models pages you will be able to book a slot with a model where you can enjoy that 1 on 1 interaction at your own leisure, and when best suits you.
  • Both Live-Streaming features will allow the supermodels to earn further revenue through engagement and a unique tiering system which will be described further down below (Supermodel Gamification System):

TABOO User Academy

TABOO looks to help support new model talent, investors, and adult consumer populations that are not crypto-savvy through the use of educational tools within our User Academy.

  • One of our primary aims as a company is to help create mass-onboarding procedures for people to familiarize themselves with TABOO, buy, hold, and SPEND!
  • With the Crypto Market having 400Million+ users worldwide, we recognize there are billions more that do not have platforms and systems in place as tangible platform to learn and use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies as a financial and personal solution.
  • Our solution is that, within our full-fledged Metaverse (TABOOVerse), we will have interactive walkthroughs on the basic need-to-know crypto knowledge to help onboard Web 2.0 individuals into the Web 3.0 domain, and encourage users and supermodels alike to own, hold, spend, and stay within the TABOO domains.

Supermodel Gamification System

  • A supermodel tiering system will be also in place that will create structured, and increased benefits which will be determined by their level of engagement with TABOO, in turn allowing for higher earning potential and new revenue generators.

With the addition of our on-ramp solutions that will be in place to create simplicity in purchasing $TABOO either by cryptocurrency or fiat, and with the addition of tools that have a gamified nature to help onboard, we believe this will create substantial buy pressure and strengthen the valuation of $TABOO token.

This is all in addition to the existing marketing superiority that the core team exhibits and has proven themselves time and time again on, and not including our constant push to list on as many exchanges as possible to improve accessibility of acquiring $TABOO.

We will be utilizing Gamification principles by way of bonuses, incentives, rewards, and game-like experiences to encourage users to remain within our ecosystem. More will be unveiled around how these principles will work.

Q2 2024

Intro to TABOOVerse

  • We will be introducing elements of the TABOOVerse — our own METAVERSE!
  • The TABOOVerse will host virtual mansion parties, will house our TABOO User Academy, and host exclusive benefits to Tier 4 holders for early-access gamification privileges to owning prime real estate within. Acquire land in the TABOO Mansion, or even hold your existing TABOOPUNKS/NFT’s in your private rooms.
  • TABOOPUNKS utilities and integrations will also be included within our Metaverse, with additional TABOOPUNKS interopabilities.
  • This Metaverse will be fully gamified and possess a gaming experience unlike any other adult entertainment token.
  • Further information, sneak-peaks, and trailer videos will be shared over time.

Model/Fan-Base Staking Rewards Program

  • A unique, creative, and innovative staking rewards program is being implemented for our supermodel partners and their fans.
  • Our models will have individual staking pools that their fans can stake their $TABOO tokens onto, with shared staking rewards between the model and the fan in a gamification fashion that will be unveiled in more detail soon.
  • Our supermodel partners will gain and earn a higher % of staking rewards depending on their Tiering level from their level engagement with TABOO and the wider community.
  • Individuals that also have staked their $TABOO tokens in a lock-up period, earning APY’s, will also have the ability to choose whether they’d like to use some of their ongoing staking rewards directly on our platforms (Merch Store, Marketplace, Live-streaming and tipping) to spend. This will mean while $TABOO tokens are staked, there will be an ability to use earned $TABOO tokens from their earned APY’s directly on-site.

Q3 2024:

Mansion Event

  • Low and behold… OUR NEXT MANSION PARTY EVENT is scheduled for Q3 of 2024!
  • Our 1st Mansion Event was a colossal success in the summer of 2022 located in Phuket, Thailand. Please review our previous Medium article that shared all the pertinent details on how it looked:

  • The exact location is yet to be determined, but this will be an exclusive event, yet again, for our Top Tier holders (T4) and supermodel TABOO partners!
  • In order to qualify to become a T4 holder you need a minimum of a $10K USD holding value of $TABOO
  • Please consider as we continue to grow this brand, raise our MC, and push our token initiatives, T4 requirements “could” be subject to change to reflect the global demand of TABOO.

TABOO AI Companions + Virtual Reality

  • Taboo intends to be at the forefront of these innovative technologies — AI, AR, and VR. We understand the potential of VR and AR to revolutionize the way adult entertainment is consumed and experienced, and we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality VR and AR experiences to our users. We have plans for individual showrooms, VR rooms, and a full-fledged metaverse (TABOOVERSE). The TABOOVERSE will host virtual mansion parties, our TABOO User Academy, and exclusive benefits to Tier 4 holders for early-access gamification privileges to owning prime real estate within.
  • With artificial intelligence becoming a dominant industry, TABOO will be implementing AI-driven model companions for consumers to interact, engage, and develop close bonds with their dream partners — bringing fantasy to reality.

TABOO Mobile App

  • We have confirmed and are jumpstarting the development of a TABOO Mobile App.
  • As much as we want to share further on the scope of how this works, this is still in the early stages, but the Mobile App will help drive further mass adoption to TABOO.

Q4 2024

Some key points to note on Q4 2024 is that we will be:

A) Introducing our very own Blockchain (TABOOCHAIN)

B) Going Cross-Chain

C) Introducing DeFI Element Platforms

All of these initiatives are extremely tech-driven and focused, and we will be providing independent Medium Articles describing these areas in more detail, as they warrant their own write-ups.


As you can all see — TABOO’s scope of vision reaches far and wide. We are fully COMMITTED to maintaining our standing as the #1 Adult Entertainment Crypto on Blockchain.

We hope and trust that this Whitepaper, and Roadmap plans, excite you all and serves as a reminder of our continuous push to invest, scale, and grow TABOO.

Please do not forget that our mass global media campaign is getting underway, and that we have another major CEX confirmed.

Despite this updated Whitepaper and Roadmap plans spanning for the next year, at all times the TABOO core team is reviewing, analyzing, and looking for the best, optimal ways to continue to garner mass adoption of the TABOO brand.

Enjoy reading through the Whitepaper and stay tuned for more information and details on all aspects of the Roadmap as we approach and get closer to their associating quarters for release.

Thank you all again for your loyalty, trust, and faith in TABOO.

-TABOO Core Team



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