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3 min readMay 27, 2022


Yes, you heard right!

TABOO is officially confirming its first Mansion Event!

This is a historical, iconic announcement that speaks to the nature of this unique business model we run. Although we are still a cryptocurrency project/token/brand, we are equally an entertainment company, striving to become the only playboy of crypto. To the TABOO team, we see this event as not only a positive step forward, but a realization of our roadmap plans that are now coming to LIFE‼️

Key Points/Background for Attendance

As you all know, TABOO possesses a unique Tiering System — one area that makes us special and different!

In order to qualify to become a TRUE T4 HODLER, and possess the most exclusive access in the world of TABOO:

The minimum requirement is $10k USD value worth of $TABOO

This means that only qualified T4 HODLERS who own $10,000 USD value of TABOO will meet qualification criterias to attend this Mansion Event

Qualification Timeline/Closing Date

We are giving until the:

Friday, July 8th, 2022

For our investors to qualify to become a T4 HODLER, and at which point, we will take a snapshot of our BSCScan holders!


This will be a fully expensed schedule to the qualified T4 HODLERS, and this trip WILL include having every single one of our partnered TABOO Models, including very special guests, in attendance.
We are excited and can’t wait for you all to meet them!

What we are providing below is a summary of what to expect:

When will this mansion event be held?
August 12th-15th 2022

August 12th:
Qualified guest check in

August 13th:
A) Fully inclusive party @ the TABOO mansion all day which will include live DJ’s, entertainment (fire spinners, shows, etc.), our TABOO models in attendance, and much much more

-B) TABOO 1st Mansion PhotoShoot

August 14th:
Special party at a Beach Club with our T4 qualified guest attendees and taboo partnered models

August 15th:
Super Yacht Day Trip
Qualified T4 entrants will be joining us on a private super yacht trip with ALL of our TABOO models as we explore the local islands!!

Where will this Mansion Event be held?
Location undisclosed for now. What we can say is It’s located on a beautiful island, and the only people who will know the location are people that will get invited upon our snapshot at the end of June for who IS a T4 HODLER

For security reasons we do not want to disclose the exact location in risk of people who are not entitled to attend, who may attempt to “crash” the event

There WILL be full security at the event at ALL times

Mansion Historical Photoshoot

We will be holding a major, historical mansion photoshoot with the models, and on some days there will be an inclusion of our very special guests and T4 Qualified Attendees to be included in some shoots WITH our models!!

Marketing/Press/Exposure Plans

This event, from the moment this announcement has been made, will be pushed extensively in all kinds of crypto-related AND non-crypto related channels.
Major publications, hundreds of them, in highly trusted crypto AND globally recognized traditional Channels will write about this iconic upcoming event, with publications that we will share next week
We will be pushing extensive marketing to make sure the world knows about this.

During the event, there will be full media coverage, vloggers in attendance, an extensive amount of top quality photographers, paparazzi, security, AND the press to help ensure maximum coverage for this full trip!

The amount of HYPE that is going to be generated, along with the buy pressure that comes with our tiering model will be ..

We are NOW at a time where the REAL catalysts for taboo are COMING!


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Thank you everyone,

Kindest regards,

  • Majid
  • Chief of Operations



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