Weekly Update Sep. 27 — Oct.3, 2021

The time is drawing very near. The finishing touches are being put on our marketplace! In preparation for this, or possibly, because of this, we have experienced some serious community growth. Here are the last week’s highlights!

  1. Our lovely and ambitious ambassador Khloe Terae recently posted a video to her Twitter and Instagram. Its FIRE, check it out! https://twitter.com/TABOOOFFICIAL2/status/1444513254126931969
  2. We recently increased in holders past the 7,000 mark for the first time, ever, along with a new market ATH!
  3. We released a teaser for the release of the upcoming Taboopunks, our limited release, all access pass NFTs! Get one before they are all gone! https://twitter.com/TABOOOFFICIAL2/status/1443706083546066962
  4. Stay tuned this week, as we have some KILLER surprises in store for everyone.

Many of our promises are finally coming to fruition. Everyone that has patiently held on and waited is about to be rewarded, big time. To all of our new holders, we welcome you and hope you enjoy the ride! Taboo: Buy, Sell, Invest, Earn.

Taboo is a cross-chain, NFT marketplace. It provides the top talent, in adult entertainment. Its exclusive tiered marketplace and curated content creator library, create a sense of scarcity, in an oversaturated market. A true, market disruptor, it aims to combine gamification, through decentralized finance principles, and content provision, through NFTs and assorted media presentations. This synergy puts Taboo, a cut above the competitors, in the Blockchain sphere.

Taboo Website: https://taboo.community

Taboo Social Links: https://linktr.ee/tabooofficial



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Taboo Token

Taboo Token

$TABOO are an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.