Emily Guglielmo — Taboo Model

Weekly Update 8/9/2021-8/15/2021

This last week has seen some really exciting price action! Our Market Cap dipped down, followed by a massive climb back to over $4 million market cap! The ride is real folks! And its only getting more exciting, each week. Here is a brief review of the accomplishments and developments of the past week:

• CMC top #2 trending, which lead to a massive uptick in visibility and token movement.

• AMA with Majid and James, where our next steps were explained and new marketing movements have been teased.

· And some major news being announced on Monday. Here is the countdown to keep track of time! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20210816T17&p0=136&msg=Taboo+Announcement&font=cursive

Development is heating up, on the back end, for our marketplace, website and our project. This coming week is going to have some of the coolest announcements and events, of the entire project. Stay tuned, because next week’s update is going to be SWEET!

Taboo is a cross-chain, NFT marketplace. It provides the top talent, in adult entertainment. Its exclusive tiered marketplace and curated content creator library, creates a sense of scarcity, in an oversaturated market. A true, market disruptor, it aims to combine gamification, through decentralized finance principals, and content provision, through NFTs and assorted media presentations. This synergy puts Taboo, a cut above the competitors, in the Blockchain sphere.

Taboo Website: https://taboo.community

Taboo Social Links: https://linktr.ee/tabooofficial