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3 min readOct 14, 2021


To our Loyal Community,

What a fantastic last few days!

Our community has been relentless in its belief and passion for our cause. We overcame several price retracements, which provided our community and new, prospective investors an opportunity for an advantageous entry to the $TABOO coin opportunities.

Viewing our social media growth metrics, we have grown across all of our social media channels, holders, price, and TG channel over the last week, by roughly 10–20%. I value being able to observe this growth, as one of the most important aspects of Taboo, including our spectacular price growth!

There are a few topics/updates I’d like to share with you all before delving into some more GREAT NEWS!

  1. Understand that we are a long-term investment and project. We have experienced rapid growth, but that is because market demand for $TABOO is higher than ever before.
  2. Please remember to educate and arm yourselves with knowledge about our brand, and our missions as per our whitepaper, Medium, etc. Any person can see what we are building is highly ambitious, but we are rising to the occasion. TABOO will become a globally recognized brand around the world!

The key takeaway is this:

If you are a new investor or still learning the fine points of investing, fluctuations, whether in a stock or crypto happen all the time. Try to not chart watch so often, and remember that our current prices do not even reflect our true value. As an example, I rarely even check our price because I’m so focused on the next 4–5 steps on our grand master plan to build out the only Playboy of Blockchain.

2) Our Marketplace V1 will be releasing soon and we luckily were able to bring in some V2 features onto our launch. Primarily, the unique tiering system, and we are absolutely thrilled.

4) Major exchanges are coming, and more are planned for this final quarter of 2021.

3) We have a creative director behind the scenes I am working with consistently and on the daily.

Let’s just say that the kind of content, style, and how we are structuring the release of the $1mill USD of content has been carefully planned. I am nothing short of ecstatic.

Our marketplace launch is our presentation and pitch, for the world to see, as we aim to promote more widespread adoption of cryptocurrency, decentralization, and adult industry integration!

Other news:

In any crypto project, ongoing marketing is always a necessity. We are always looking for ways to improve our reach.

If you all read our recent major news on Twitter, you would remember that a major media group approached us to feature us across 400+ channels with exposure to 850Mill+ potential investors. This is a testament to the quality brand we are building — to have entities like this approach us despite being in adult entertainment.

We are NOT stopping there though.

We are hiring a particular crypto marketing firm. This firm will help with our brand awareness and exposure, by promoting us across many crypto advertising channels.

Examples include:
-FB, Instagram, Google ads
-More Youtuber Influencers
-Adult website advertising
-Crypto forums and channels along with more banner advertising
-Market research and analytics and targeted geographical growth strategies

We will outsource this marketing that we already have done in house, to a firm that can be fully dedicated to these background marketing strategies so we can continue to focus on our larger scale marketing plans.

If people do not know about us, it is difficult to find us. This is a logical step, at the stage we are at!

Until next time,
Chief of Operations



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$TABOO is an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.