TABOO’s New Marketplace Goes Live

Taboo Token
3 min readApr 17, 2024

Phase 1 of the the long awaited Marketplace launch is NOW HERE!

TABOO wants to thank you all for your ongoing patience.

Now we are on a universal mission to continue to develop, grow, and build into a TOP utility company.

This new Marketplace serves as a FOUNDATION and STARTING point for just that!

The Marketplace, as you can see, possesses the look and feel of a traditional Web 2.0 website, fully focused on content but with crypto elements in place.

All meant to help promote MASS ADOPTION of $TABOO

With a complete overhaul of the sites UI/UX, here are some of the new features in place:

  • Fiat on-ramping (buy TABOO with you a debit/credit card)
  • Automated Buying of TABOO with cryptos (simple swaps)
  • On-site Wallet Solutions (create your own wallet sat on the TABOO website)
  • Updated Staking Contracts and flows (automated staking)
  • Streamlined processes to Buy, Sell, Make offers, Settle, or create auctions for NFT’s

Now what do we mean by MASS Adoption?

Fiat on/off-ramp solutions + On-site custodial/non-custodial wallet solutions WILL ease the transition for Web 2.0 users into Web 3.0

Someone can come into our Marketplace, having never learned, understood, or engaged in Web 3.0, and can simply buy $TABOO with FIAT, and have a Crypto Wallet made for them ON SITE without the need to sign contracts or download browser extensions.

With this, we can NOW be able to Market to Web 2.0 communities, helping expand our reach and diversifying the kinds of users, investors, and to all kinds of people interested in Adult Entertainment.

A real example being $TABOO — partnered with top supermodel, boasting a collective fan following of tens of millions — now has mass onboarding tools in place to help simplify $TABOO purchasing and build widespread adoption within our platforms when our models market TABOO to their fan bases.

We have said from DAY 1 that one of our primary goals is to SIMPLIFY the process for non-crypto minded individuals to enter into TABOO’s ecosystem and now we are pleased to announce we have achieved this.

What about all of the other MP feature adds?

As a tribute to our loyal community and our large-scale adoption efforts, we have expedited further MP development/ which will include:

  • Live-Streaming
  • State-of-the-art Merch Store
  • Tipping
  • Internal currency utilities
  • Gaming integrations
  • On-demand videos

You heard RIGHT — Live-Streaming is COMING and its coming FAST!

Who else is ECSTATIC about getting to enjoy live-streams with our top-of-the-line supermodel partners?

Speaking of supermodels!!

We have now confirmed over 7 NEW MODEL PARTNERS to join the TABOO family

We hope that you will visit them on their upcoming live-streams to get to know them better!

Gamification of our platforms, TABOOMetaverse, recruitment of new super model partners, AI companions, next live Mansion Parties, and more Roadmap milestones await.

And it all starts with our legendary Marketplace that just launched!

Never forget:

  • TABOO hit over 600Mill+ MC in the prior bull run, and Top 100 CMC Rankings all without a working product
  • Now the right utilities and further expansions on our working products are HERE
  • We still DO have a confirmed Top 10 CEX on the way
  • Larger scale partnerships are also in the pipeline
  • We ARE only JUST getting started

Stay tuned for more and enjoy the experience of browsing and navigating our Marketplace!



Taboo Token

$TABOO is an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.