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2 min readJun 22, 2021


At TABOO, nothing is forbidden. We promote personal empowerment, inspiring our participants to be confident, happy, and excited to explore their taboo fantasies and heart desires.

To achieve this goal we aim to innovate in the world of media through quality over quantity. The aim is not only to provide content but industry innovation, by using blockchain technology to create the greatest profit potential for creators coupled with the most exciting environment for consumers. Taboo provides the highest quality and exclusive SFW, NSFW to XXX exclusive media from content creators. All TABOO and preferences are welcome.

Our NFT Marketplace and media platform will be cross-chain, utilizing layer 2 solution protocols with the lowest fees and fastest transactions. An asset bridge will be built, along with Version 1 of the marketplace, to bring ERC721 and ERC1155 compatible NFTs to the Taboo Ecosystem, on the Binance Smart Chain to allow everyone that has mistakenly chosen to use Opensea the ability to join where the real money will lie. Our Marketplace will be built on a cross-chain compatible platform, targeting networks like Polygon and Harmony, and Fantom, who have expressed interest in our platform. We will also have a merchandise store where you can buy your favorite goodies. A unique forum will be made, too, with special incentives and rewards for generating traffic.

However, what is the biggest hurdle in the adult industry? Anyone with a camera can create erotic media. Our NFT marketplace tier system aims to create scarcity, in an oversaturated market. The more Taboo Tokens a person holds, the more content they can access, Similar to buying a Diamond tier on Patreon. Each tier will grant access to more and more content, with the highest quality and most exclusive content contained at the highest tier for the most discerning of consumers.

Similarly, not every adult performer can list on our platform. From Super Models to Pornstars. We are selectively curating the most exclusive content creator list you have ever seen. There will be an application process in which any adult performer who wishes to be on our platform will have to qualify and obtain approval from us first. This selectivity and exclusivity will create a media platform of the utmost quality and soon everyone will understand why Taboo is the best in the industry. Buy, sell, interact, create, earn. The $TABOO way.


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Taboo Token

$TABOO is an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.