TabooPunks NFTs Now Claimable

To our loyal and dedicated community,

As you are all aware, the $TABOO project has been working on the release of the TabooPunks as an NFT side project for early Taboo supporters. These TabooPunks have a cool, quirky design and will have real utility for holders moving forward, especially considering the scale in which their popularity grew. It’s been a long road with some bumps along the way and we appreciate the communities patience, but we are happy to announce that the:

*** TabooPunks NFTS are now CLAIMABLE! ***

As a quick background, many of the issues that came about for their launch was due to the way the pre-sale was designed, much earlier on (at the start). From handling the previous Google Form complications in verifying some transactions, finding ways to make Mint fees sustainable (ERC721A Contract standards), and more, despite multiple creative technical avenues being explored, on behalf of the community, we are unable to refund the claim fees and punk purchasers will unfortunately need to pay the gas fees for claiming their TabooPunks. The main issue is the huge amount of gas fees involved, in fact doing a claim fee refund costs more in gas fees than the actual refund amount itself. The punks were also sold at such a discounted price and we didn’t account for the gas fees. We only accounted for the artist, the minting and marketing costs. If you all remember, we worked towards finding solutions around refunds, followed by automated ones, and finding solutions to reduce the fees overall. Even the mint costs we luckily found a way to make the cost sustainable, but this all unfortunately took time. We have apologized before and will say this once more: we are not an NFT Collections Project team, so we apologize for what our previous knowledge around the way we set up the purchase process to begin with on these PUNKS caused.

These punks were already at a significantly lower price than traditional NFT collection projects as well, but nonetheless high quality marketing will be put into place on the build up to unrevealing the Taboopunks that should help increase the price and offsetting the claim fee paid.

TabooPunk Release Rounds:

At this time we will be releasing the punks in two distinct claim rounds:

Round One Claims:
Available from now, the first 5000 NFTS will be up for claims in Round 1. The addresses for these NFT claims have been hardcoded into the smart contract on this round. These are for people who purchased from a wallet from verified addresses. Deadline for round one claims to complete is

9th May 23.59 Pacific PST time.

Round Two Claims:
Available from 10th May 00.01 Pacific PST time.
For anyone who purchased from a CEX. This is also mostly for the individuals who either A) did not update or inform us to verify their exchange txns or B) had a significantly high amount of NFTs purchased on our previous Google Form for pre-sales on the PUNKS earlier on, and the information is either not 100% clear to warrant risking issues for acquiring these NFTS.

Deadline for Round Two claims to complete is 23rd May 23.59 Pacific PST time.

Claim Method Information:

As you can see on our link. All NFTs are unrevealed at this time. Upon the first claim round being complete the first set of NFT will then be revealed. This means traits will not be shown yet until our first claim round is over but you will receive your NFTs. You are free to try to sell them, but this is not advisable — as the traits have not shown up yet — but at least you now have your NFTs in your hands. The deadline for round 1 claims will be 9th May 23.59 Pacific PST Time as mentioned earlier.

We will then start a second claim round and have those NFTs still unrevealed until the 2nd claim round is over. Deadline for round 2 claims will be (#### Majid to add a date)

How to Claim Instructions:

Steps To Claim Your TabooPunk NFT On Computer
1. Head over to, or simply and then click the TabooPunks drop down that directs you to anyways
2.Metamask would automatically ask to connect to your wallet, If not prompted automatically please click on the top right corner where it says “ Connect Metamask”.
3.If you are not using Metamask , please click on the “ Connect Wallet-Connect” Button to open Wallet connect and choose your appropriate Wallet.
4.After connecting your wallet to the dapp , you can view the number of NFTs you can claim.
5. Press the claim button to claim your nft and metamask would pop up asking for confirmation. The key here is to wait for the gas price to go below 40 gwei to claim the NFT, your NFT is going no-where so please wait till the gas price is low to save gas. The lower the standard GWEI at the time, the lower the cost to claim.
6. After confirming the transaction, you may go over to opensea and view your NFT in your wallet.

  • Common Tips and Solutions*
  • 1. If for some reason you are not able to claim via mobile , import your wallet to metamask desktop extension and try claiming using a computer.
  • 2. If you encounter any issue with wallet connect , we would recommend downloading Metamask Mobile app , then import your wallet and claim from the metamask browser
  • 3. Another way you can try is to scan your wallet QR Code from your Mobile Wallet onto your PC, and claim from your PC (important and useful for Mobile only wallets)
  • 4. Use your Wallets’ internal browser — the DAPP is much more responsive on Mobile if you do it directly from the Wallets’ browser as it’s Web 3.0.
  • 5. Send an email to if you are experiencing any other issues/difficulties

This claim fee will vary depending when you try to claim. For example at 60gwei 1 TabooPunk claim is $30, but to claim 40 Taboopunks it’s $260 so the more punks owned the less the fees will be. If gwei is 30, it’ll be even less. For example, roughly $15–20 for one NFT and $140 for 40 NFTs. The cost goes down further as more NFTs get claimed. We have actually done quite a bit of work into reducing the costs to this level as it stands for the users, but you can view and track on this following site what the current GWEI looks like:

Support Contact:

For any issues or queries on claiming your TabooPunks please contact us by using the following email address.

TabooPunks Rarity attributes

In terms of rarities, since the PUNKS are currently unrevealed, you cannot see the rarities and traits of the TabooPunks just yet. This will happen once revealed and when we are onto Rarity Tools upon revealing this will also aid in the understanding of what kind of rarity and attributes of the PUNKS you’ve gotten.

Taboopunks Marketing + Metaverse + Live Events


Rarity tools, globally trending on Twitter, influencers and much more lined up. The team will be pushing hard and heavy on marketing leading up to the round one reveal date which is in 2 weeks from now. Also we can take in feedback and ideas from the community on great marketing apart from what we have planned and will continue to.

Please DM @MatTabooCM on Telegram with any of your marketing suggestions.


As you all know, a Taboo Metaverse is being created. Additional utilities for the TABOOPunks are coming, and we will be sharing some of these metaverse utility add-ons in a separate communication, along with a SNEAK PEAK to what our Metaverse is GOING TO LOOK LIKE! Keep this in mind — as we feel that owning, and holding a TABOOPUNK is like holding the $TABOO Token-we are aiming to have them grow together in VALUE!

Taboo Festival

Here is the FIRST OFFICIAL communications around how in Q1 of 2023 there will be TABOO’s FIRST LIVE FESTIVAL! The Punks will be needed and will serve as an entry point to attend. We will share more in a separate communication about how this will look ;) Not to mention, this is in addition to other live events we are planning which can happen before then !

We hope this communication is received positively by the majority of TABOO holders and supporters as we move onwards through our journey. Marketing of the Taboopunks will be heavy, rampant, and continue

Kind Regards,

Taboo Team



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