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3 min readFeb 24, 2022


To our loyal and dedicated $TABOO Community:

The TABOOPunks distribution is about to start! Everyone that has bought punks, since we instituted the Dapp, a number of months ago, will receive their punks, airdropped directly to their wallets!

The revised date for Launch will be Saturday, February 26th, 2022.


As many of you know, we first opened up pre-sale purchasing for the TABOOPUNKS using our original Google Docs form.

For those early buyers, using the old Form, we have noticed that not everyone has yet contacted us, to verify some information and make certain we provide you your punks (Non-Binance Transfers).

For any buyers who used the Dapp, to connect their wallets, from our TABOOPUNKS GitHub page, you DO NOT NEED TO WORRY AT ALL!

What we don’t want is NFTs to be sent to CEX addresses that will effectively burn the NFT, and lose the NFT forever, rendering the early buyers unable to receive the NFT they purchased.

We want to be fair to the early buyers, and not have them be punished for using an old purchase form, where they were able to buy a TABOOPUNKS from a CEX wallet directly, only to find out that for the launch (which was supposed to be today) they did not receive their NFT.

Will be 2 Airdrop Events for TABOOPUNKS

  • **1st Mass Airdrop event****
    -Scheduled for February 26th, 2022

If you used a CEX wallet, that was NOT Binance, to purchase, having had filled out our old Google Form before our Dapp was created for later purchases, you will need to send the following:
- A screenshot of the transaction from your exchange wallet.
- The TXID, for the transfer to the punk wallet, copy and pasted into the message.
- Your Metamask or Trustwallet address, to send you the punk.
- Your TG ID and your E-mail you used in the original Google Form that was filled out so that we can cross-reference it

****We need this information within the next 48 hours to be eligible to receive your TABOOPUNKS on our 1st Airdrop Event****

If you used Binance to buy your punk, we need more information, because your internal TXID is not sufficient to trace the transaction. We need:
- A screenshot of the transaction from your exchange wallet which shows clearly the amount in ETH sent
- Internal TxID
- Date/time of TXN
- TG ID+ E-mail you used in the original Google Form that was filled out so that we can cross-reference it
- Finally, a new Web 3.0 compatible wallet address to send your punk to.

If you previously contacted us, unless you have used a Binance Wallet, you are in the clear and will receive your punks in the first airdrop event
Failure to do so, will result in a timer being set on distribution. If you fail to clarify your wallet address information, for the early buyers that used the original Google Form, by May 1st, 2022, we will burn the punks allocated to any unclarified transactions.

2nd Airdrop event***
This will be the following week. The purpose of what we are doing here is to help ensure the early buyers, who sent from CEX wallets, get the chance to update the necessary information we need to ensure they get Airdropped their PUNKS right on Launch.
They should not be penalized for having had used an outdated purchase form that was later modified, simplified, and became more efficient.

Please email this information to

Anyone who is unable to do so within the next 48 hours will miss receiving their PUNKS for our 1st Airdrop event, and will need to wait until our 2nd Airdrop event
Do not DM in telegram or discord, as it will be much easier to handle the requests in email.

Thank you all,

Best regards,

Chief of Operations



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