Taboo Weekly Update 10/18/2021–10/24/2021

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2 min readOct 25, 2021


Its been another exciting week, for Taboo, as the time for the Marketplace launch draws, ever closer!

As everyone has, no doubt learned, the Binance Smart Chain was overloaded this past week, causing a shift in the distributed coins, as they rolled back the database. This is not something we, at Taboo, could control or speed up, but thankfully, it seems like everyone is getting their tokens back and everything is back on track to the MOON!

Here are the highlights from this week:

  1. News reporters are picking up on our project and beginning to report in multiple languages, across multiple regions, further showing how fast Taboo is growing, worldwide!! For example,
  2. We had a STELLAR AMA with the every lovely Khloe Terae, in our Telegram, with your favorite COO, Majid! With record turnout, it was one of our best AMAs of all time.
  3. Continuing this trend, Majid has continued to host AMAs regularly in the Telegram, with the recordings being placed on our YouTube, you should totally check them out, if you missed them!
  4. We crossed the 20,000 holders threshold! From 15,000 to 20,000, just this week alone is incredible! We owe it all to you, our faithful community!
  5. Our Marketplace launch is JUST AROUND THE CORNER, with an estimated date of November 1, 2021! Early next month is swiftly moving up on us, and with it, the beginning of the Taboo Hegemony!
  6. The Marketplace content includes:

a. Playmate collections
b. Newbie collections
c. Taboo collections
d. Unique and differentiated content.

e. Celebrity Photo Collections

7. Our models are currently doing a photoshoot, with….TABOO MERCH! That’s right! Our merch is being put together!

8. And Finally, we have major exchanges on the way! And its huge!

As always, we owe everything to you, our dedicated holders and community members, for believing in us, no matter what. Stay tuned everyone, more to come!

Taboo is a cross-chain, NFT marketplace. It provides the top talent, in adult entertainment. Its exclusive tiered marketplace and curated content creator library, creates a sense of scarcity, in an oversaturated market. A true, market disruptor, it aims to combine gamification, through decentralized finance principals, and content provision, through NFTs and assorted media presentations. This synergy puts Taboo, a cut above the competitors, in the Blockchain sphere.

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$TABOO is an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.