Taboo Weekly Update 10/11–10/17/2021

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2 min readOct 18, 2021


This has been another incredible week for Taboo! Our growth has stayed steady. We reached a new All Time High. Our holder count has exploded. Our community has grown by leaps and bounds. We are one of the hottest coins in the entire crypto industry right now. It is exciting to be a holder of this project’s coin! Here is a brief recap of this week’s events:

  1. Our holder count went from just above 5,000 to almost 17,000!
  2. Reached USD $170 Million Market Cap, as a new All Time High!
  3. Our Twitter. in just a few short weeks, went from 5,000 followers to 10,700!
  4. Our Telegram is organically, over 7,000 active members.
  5. Majid did several AMA’s, in the Telegram to answer questions and concerns during this amazing time. You can watch them all here!
  6. Khloe, our lovely brand ambassador has been incredibly supportive of our new growth and has continuously supported us, this entire time.
  7. An estimated date of around November 1, 2021 is the first actual announced date, for our Marketplace V1 launch! The details can be read here:
  8. BitMart, a new and major exchange, has been announced and will be up and ready for trading, before we even announce the even BIGGER exchange, we have been teasing for weeks.
  9. Our tiering system, which was supposed to be delayed to Marketplace V2, will be ready and live when Marketplace V1 goes up!
  10. Also, we will have USD $1 Million dollars in NFTs, on the marketplace, ready for perusing and purchase, upon launch of Marketplace V1. All exclusive images, sold nowhere else!
  11. And finally, we have hired the marketing agency we announced, and its fully moving forward!
  12. We have even more exciting news coming this next week!

Everything just keeps getting better with Taboo. We are so excited for everyone to see everything and hear about everything that is being developed, behind the scenes. We thank you for being here with us, on this ride!

Taboo is a cross-chain, NFT marketplace. It provides the top talent, in adult entertainment. Its exclusive tiered marketplace and curated content creator library, creates a sense of scarcity, in an oversaturated market. A true, market disruptor, it aims to combine gamification, through decentralized finance principals, and content provision, through NFTs and assorted media presentations. This synergy puts Taboo, a cut above the competitors, in the Blockchain sphere.

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$TABOO is an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.