Taboo Update 22 June 2021

It has been a whirlwind of updates, changes, and great strides forward! Amazing things have been happening, with Taboo, the team, and the community, up to now. Here are the highlights!


We have 2 super models already ON BOARD.

  1. Here are the links to their videos!



2. We have partnered with LiveRichMedia, on Instagram, whose following is in the millions.

3. We have done several AMAs with the community, which can be found on our YouTube.

4. Whitepaper V1 is finished, and Whitepaper V2 is on the way!

5. We have found some incredibly talented developers to create the marketplace! They begin work in the next week!

6. We are listed on HotBit!

7. Our COO, Majid, did an AMA with HotBit, 16 hours ago!

8. Our holders increased to over 4,000, on a RED MARKET DAY!

9. We released our Positioning Statement, here on Medium, to really define what Taboo is.

10. Finally, we have added multiple, new team members, several of whom have voluntarily doxxed themselves.

We will be providing regular updates, every week, as to the development progress of Taboo, so everyone knows how much we are fighting to make this dream, as successful as everyone already knows it will be.

Come Join us as we take the adult industry, and by proxy, cryptocurrency, by storm!





Telegram Announcement Channel:










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