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4 min readDec 11, 2021


Everyone, prepare yourselves for a lengthy medium article, covering such topics as our models’ new photoshoot location, Marketplace Update, Taboopunks and our overall Marketing plan (moving forward)! This is to hopefully cover many of the questions, everyone has, about what is going on behind the scenes, during this time!

The Marketplace

The Team is very aware about how much time it is taking, to bring our marketplace live, once more. We are working tirelessly to bring it back online, for everyone, and we are more than thankful, for your patience, during the down time. The latest update here is a little different from the last ones.

  1. We are hiring UI/UIX Experts to come in and improve the overall market experience. We are aware of the difficulties and challenges faced by many people, when we were live and then during testing, so have decided to outsource to a new group, to bring in an expert to improve our overall UI/UIX.
  2. We are aiming to be live, before or by Christmas, to bring you all good cheer and Christmas NFTs! NOTE: The UI/UIX will not have been updated or changed significantly, in this time. Bringing the Marketplace live has been our №1 Priority.
  3. The reason for the delay has been, as you have seen in our prior mediums, bugs, lack of explanations on items, lack of organization in the platform, slow loading speeds, some minor security concerns, etc.
  4. We will provide another bug report, leading up to the re-launch of the platform, live, for everyone, to continue our campaign of transparency for you all.

Models and Content

  1. Our lovely models completed a recent Photoshoot, in Malibu, with, as many of you have seen on our socials, some Christmas themed outfits!
  2. They are now being flown, courtesy of Taboo, to Las Vegas, for yet ANOTHER photoshoot!
  3. We are working tirelessly to continue to build out our content library, for our Community and for our Users to enjoy! Expect some cool content from the heart of Sin City next!
  4. On top of this, we will be sharing multiple new model partnerships! Even though our marketplace isn’t up, we have been gathering global model interest, from our latest Billboard in Vegas! Its been very humbling, how many people have approached us to be included.
  5. Expect a major social media blast, from every model that has gone to Vegas, to support and hype our newest photoshoot!


  1. Our Taboopunks have been finished!!!! They are designed and ready to mint!
  2. However, we have decided to offer the decision to our Community, on how to mint them. There are two options that we will be providing everyone to vote upon.

A. Do we mint on Opensea, with a verified collection, and then distribute them to our community via an airdrop bot or some similar function? This is gasless minting and has the benefit of already being on Opensea, for easy trading and showing off of your purchase! However, it also means that we may have to burn the unpurchased Taboopunks, to avoid issues with continuous minting and distribution, moving forward. This increases scarcity, but decreases opportunity for new people to buy punks at this price.

B. Do we instead have a platform built out for us, allowing us to mint on the BSC! This is our native chain, to keep in line with our Marketplace and Token locations. However, there will be gas fees for users to mint their NFTs. Additionally, we will NOT burn the remainder of the punks, allowing users to buy them, until they are all gone. Additionally, the price for the punks will go up, to a TBD amount. NOTE All users that purchased punks, prior to the creation of this platform will have their wallets whitelisted and will not need to pay anything other than gas, for the punks they already purchased.

We have decided to include you, our Community, in this decision, because we care what you think and how you feel, as both investors and members of the Taboo family.

Taboo Mansions!

  1. Get ready everyone! Early 2022 will mark the beginning of the Taboo Parties, at our Taboo Mansions!
  2. We will begin showing pictures and demos of the locations, as we get closer.
  3. There will be Tier 4 benefits for Taboopunk holders, but only True Tier 4 holders will receive all the benefits that come with the VIP parties.

Marketing Moving Forward

We have decided to line up some MAJOR marketing, during this time, to help spread the word and bring more people to the Taboo Family! In addition, we will be stepping up our social media accounts, with some examples, as follows:

  1. YouTube: Its time to step up our content creation to VIDEO! We will be having interviews with each Taboo Girl, in videos on our YouTube, Begin building out our Podcast, and more! The goal is to turn our YouTube into the asset it should be!
  2. TikTok: We will begin giving insights into our Taboo Girls’ lives, photoshoots, and more!
  3. Reddit: Reddit ads, better community support, and subreddit collaboration.
  4. Better video and graphic design and editing, to really make ALL of this POP!


We are currently in negotiations with several Top 10 Exchanges, for listing. These things take time and are controlled by Non-Disclosure Agreements. We will update as soon as we are legally able.

This is on top of our already stepped up efforts of Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns under way, on all of our social platforms and crypto valued platforms! Expect to see a lot more material from your favorite Taboo Team!

This is our latest update, with hopefully enough information to help everyone look forward to a Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year! Stay tuned for more updates, coming soon!



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