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Taboo Feb Newsletter

2023 has started off on the right foot for Taboo — The #1 Adult Entertainment and Media platform built utilizing blockchain technology.

With the ever-evolving landscape of innovation, improvement, and growth, the Taboo Executive team has gone on starting the year right with some impressive deliverables. So, let’s dive right into them and explore them without further due.

  • The hiring of new COO

What a great start to 2023 with the appointment of a new COO to the Taboo team, Moe Iman. Moe is no stranger to the world of web3 and blockchain and has been working closely with the Executive team here at Taboo to ensure it’s growth.

Read the full article below on the appointment of the new COO.

  • New Roadmap 2023 — Jan 2023

The coming of the new team members and realignment of the 2023 vision, mission, and deliverables means that Taboo’s roadmap needed some adjustments and alignments and that’s what Taboo got! Yes, that’s correct, a revised and laser-focused roadmap to solidify the growth and expansion of Taboo and its offering across the board.

Check out the 2023 roadmap on

Taboo Roadmap Progress Q1. Green = Completed. Yellow = in process.
  • New Whitepaper

Another milestone for Taboo has been the release of the new White paper 2023. The turnaround for the revisions has been nothing less than stellar and shows how fast and sustainably Taboo, it's token and community have been growing.

Read the full White paper here in the link below -

  • Community AMA — Feb 1st, 2023

The Taboo community kicked things off with the first bi-monthly Community AMA with Taboo’s CEO James and co-hosted by Moe Iman, COO of Taboo. Please tune in to catch up on the Taboo updates, upcoming plans, and what's ahead for the team, its investors, token holders, and models.

1st Community AMA with new COO and CEO
  • Launch of staking competition with limited edition Valentines NFT giveaway for holders

Taboo launched a limited edition Valentines' NFT airdrop competition for all Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 holders which was received very positively by the Tabooligans.

All Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 holders will receive never seen before Model content in the form of Taboo NFTs in Q1 2023.

Valentines Limited Edition Taboo NFT for Taboo holders
  • Listing of $TABOO on BKEX

As part of the Q1 commitment, $TABOO token has been listed on BKEX Exchange as the team works towards getting $TABOO token listed on Tier 1 Centralized Exchange—more details to follow on this.

BKEX announcement on listing $TABOO token — Feb 2023
  • 550 Million $TABOO Staked

Taboo recorded a 30% increase in staked $TABOO tokens to 550 Million yet again defying all the bear market sentiments that have been overshadowing the crypto market since late 2022.

550 Million $TABOO token staked as of Feb 2023
  • Special Valentine’s message to Tabooligans from the Taboo Models

Some of Taboo’s best models created and uploaded a personalized Valentine's message for Tabooligans and have already confirmed their attendance at the Annual Taboo Mansion Event in Q3 of 2023.

  • 25K Twitter Followers

Taboo saw a growth of over 1000 new followers on its Twitter based on tried and tested growth strategies and through better optimization of content and messaging. The team will continue improving the social media presence and working closely to align with Taboo’s vision and mission.

Increase of Twitter followers to 25,000 on the official Taboo account
  • 47,000 $TABOO Token holders

Q1 has also seen sustainable growth in $TABOO Token holders which at the time of the writing stands at 47,200!

Growth of $TABOO token holders to 47,000 in Feb 2023
  • What’s next for Taboo?

The big question everyone is impatiently waiting to be answered! Let’s explore what’s on the team’s plate for the next two weeks.

  • Cross-chain functionalities

As a part of the Taboo Roadmap, the team is actively exploring additional functionalities for its token and NFTs. Taboo is in talks with a few large chains and is curating which chain will the token be available on next and how that would reflect on the overall Taboo brand and its growth and expansion strategies.

  • Billboards

Taboo is known for its laser-sharp, hyper-aggressive marketing campaigns, and the team has announced that there are a few prime locations across the U.S.A that are under review to be finalized in Q1 to launch the next Taboo global campaign.

  • Marketing and PR campaigns

New marketing, co-marketing, and PR activities are coming up and will be launched within Q1 to double down on Taboo’s presence not just in web3 and crypto but to a larger audience around the world.

  • Improvements to Support

The executive team is working on creating improved operational processes that will decrease the turnaround time for Support and other internal operations.

  • Launch of Referral Program

Taboo is developing a fair and easy-to-implement and track Taboo Referral Program. The program will present current Taboo holders to truly onboard new users onto Taboo and not just take credit for it and be recognized but more importantly, be rewarded! Details for the Taboo Referral Program to follow in the next coming week.

Taboo is the largest Adult Entertainment and Media platform and an exclusive social club leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs to create a tokenized and token-gated marketplace for the creation, curation, and distribution of premium adult entertainment content from only the best and highest-rated celebrities for its esteemed users and holders.

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