TABOO Secures Strategic Partnership Injection

Taboo Token
3 min readDec 15, 2023

As promised, we are ready to unveil a ground-breaking development… One of our BIGGEST announcements to DATE!🍾

This should reaffirm in your minds our commitment to the $TABOO ecosystem and most importantly to our vibrant and budding community🎖

We’re ecstatic to announce that $2Million Dollar direct investment will be made directly into TABOO, and brace yourselves, it will be happening in a way that is nothing short of astounding💥

Unlike projects that seek external funding through traditional methods, and in staying clear of these conventional paths, we have struck a deal that has been meticulously negotiated solely for the betterment of the $TABOO ecosystem and a departure from the ordinary🔰

Distinct from typical VC and Hedge Fund Partnerships, this investment is being made directly on the open market via standard, available purchase option channels. For those of you keenly observing, you may have already noticed substantial wallets holding thousands of BNB ready to deploy on decentralized exchanges, particularly PancakeSwap, as part of this monumental pledge✍️

Planning together closely, this $2Million dollar investment will be strategically spread over several months, injecting support into our market and designed to trigger significant price action for the most optimal impact and value📈

By committing a substantial sum directly into the open markets, and in this fashion, they are showcasing their bold belief in our project, aligning their interests with ours, and boasting a resounding show of confidence, trust, and dedication to our collective success🔥

With a deal of this nature, expect to see continual, positive buy pressure and valuation growth for $TABOO, reinforcing our commitment to practices that directly benefit you, our investors and $TABOO as a whole🔱

With this new alliance, TABOO is gaining more than just financial backing. This brings a team of advisors, consultants, and influential connections within the crypto space. They are committed and ON A MISSION to leveraging their resources and networks to secure TOP exchange listings and fortify our position as the #1 Crypto Adult Entertainment brand, amongst other support vehicles. With this sizable commitment, executed in a manner akin to standard investors, they have a high vested interest in becoming long-term partners throughout our journey🚀

Rest assured, these investors are here for the long-haul and has no intention of selling, focusing on ensuring stability and long-term growth for TABOO. Excited about our recent advancements, and the trajectory ahead, they believe that we can not only hit but surpass price valuation targets of $1+, and in accelerated fashion. A formal introduction will be made in due course introducing them to our community🤝

The BEST is yet to come as we continue to re-write and pioneer this industry with this arrangement acting as tangible FUEL for explosive growth, propelling $TABOO to unprecedented heights within the crypto realm🪩

Get ready to witness history in the making, as we collectively sculpt the future of adult entertainment and where our previous ATH WILL become a local LOW🤩




Taboo Token

$TABOO is an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.