$TABOO General Updates

To our loyal and dedicated TABOO Community,

What a last year it’s been! TABOO has seen record highs, and while we understand that the current market climate is not the most favourable, the TABOO team is hard at work ensuring we are continuing to produce, develop, and ready ourselves for what’s to come this year.

This article is designed to share some general updates on what’s going on so that you are all fully informed.


At this time, we are in the middle of updating our UI/UX for the Marketplace, which we will share a demo of in the coming days. It is classy, elegant, and fits in line exactly with our BRAND! Exploring, viewing, and purchasing NFTS will be much more seamless. This is an independant UI/UX team that is working on this on the Front End.

Our taboo.community crypto informational site is also in the middle of a major overhaul. We have shared a demo of this in a recent Twitter post. We want to make sure it is both professional AND classy.

As for content, we have an abundance of highly exclusive NFT content from many of our models, some of which have not been featured just yet. We are waiting for the updated UI/UX to be able to feature them. As mentioned in our most recent AMA, which you can listen in on on our Youtube Channel, we are also focusing on more timeless, NFT art before release.

Live TV Interview

Given the current Market climate, and understanding we are in a unique position to brand build, and prepare ourselves for the next bull cycle, we want to ensure some of the updates above are in place before we go live on air for TABOO, in a 15 minute Video Interview, on CNBC, Fox News, and Bloomberg News.

We are extremely excited for this opportunity, and we WILL be ready for it!

While other Crypto projects are at a standstill, we are ACTIVELY taking advantage of this time to make sure we are READY for our next stage of scaling, and growth.


We have essentially sold out of all of our TABOOPUNKS. We have already lined up some great marketing thus far, and more is to come as we are preparing for our Openseas Launch. We see this as an opportunity to help maximize the potential of these PUNKS, given their longstanding utility and the benefits they offer our holders. At this time, we have already started testing and deploying the Airdrop functions that will allow our holders to receive their PUNKS. Please be patient with us — we want this done RIGHT. Further updates to come. We are almost there!


Our roadmap has had an update for this year (2022), and we will be updating it further this month. Expect Phase 2, and 3 of our Marketplace to be completed this year, and we are definitely going to go into the Metaverse too. I am personally a firm believer in not being a jack of all trades, so the Metaverse will come when our current priorities on the Marketplace Development improvements are already in place.


As you all know, our initial Marketplace launch was not what we had expected. At this time, our current development team is finishing up their expected deliverables, and as mentioned, we are onboarding a new development team for the later major phases of our Marketplace (V2 + V3).

Some notable points for you:

  1. We have an iconic figurehead who was a senior head of Playboy Magazine who wants to work with us. The idea is to ease them into our project, in a smaller starting role first. At this time we are being extra careful on what kind of individuals we bring on for additional team and development support. We cannot mention their name yet, and will do so appropriately at the right time.
  2. We are focused on onboarding the best of the best as an Internal CTO. We are in the interview phase, and have candidates we are considering. We will make these announcements as soon as we are able to. We do not take this role lightly, and want to make sure the new addition is even better than before.
  3. Other personnel additions are already in motion.


We are actively looking for crypto partnerships. We want to ensure they make sense, and are right for us. We firmly believe that the benefit needs to be mutually beneficial, because we are building an iconic brand/business here at TABOO.

Upcoming Photoshoot

As you are all aware, we have the highest quality Model Partners. Recently, we have onboarded multiple new models. We are preparing for our next photoshoot to be for the middle of February, this year. This will be the opportunity for both existing models, and our new models, to be able to attend. As mentioned before, many of you have been unable to see the NFT content of some of our model partners, because we decided to put a halt on this until our updated UI/UX and Marketplace improvements are completed.

Digital Magazine/Merchandise Store

We are already setting in motion the creation of a TABOO Digital Magazine, where we can feature our content, and everything that has to do with TABOO.


While this may not be the most favourable market climate, one thing to remember is that during times like these, it gives a perfect opportunity to ready ourselves for our next phase of growth on our journey to global domination, and greatness. We are currently the #1 Adult Entertainment Token, and we WILL get to Top 10. It is not a matter of IF, but WHEN.

This was meant as a general update — and of course, what you see above is not indicative of all that we are doing. We want to make sure our community is informed, happy, and continues to see and measure our progress.

In terms of Marketing, Marketing does not ever stop for TABOO, although now the nature and focus of how we do our marketing is changing. Remember, we launched our project DURING a bear trend last year, and we not only survived it, but thrived. This is not our first rodeo, and we know exactly what we need to do. With that, to end off, we are nothing but thrilled, and excited for what’s to come this year, and are nothing but proud of, and grateful of, the wonderful community that is backing us.

Thank you all again for your time,

Best regards,


Chief of Operations on $TABOO




$TABOO are an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.

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Taboo Token

Taboo Token

$TABOO are an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.

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