Taboo Community Bi-Weekly Update 20th September 2022

Welcome to the Taboo Community Bi Weekly Update. In order to keep the community informed of developments and core information, with a high degree of honesty and transparency, this report will be sent out every two weeks if at all possible. It aims to bring all the various threads and deliverables together in one short and sharp update.

So what has been happening in recent weeks?

Remember, this is a safe, legitimate, long term investment that will grow over time as the taboo brand grows. We understand the recent market conditions have not been favourable; remember that TABOO has weathered previous bearish trends (last year) and we are still standing STRONG while the majority of altcoins have withered away, ceasing to exist.

So, what has been happening over the last few weeks and what is to come? Please read this section before moving on to the ‘what’s the focus of the coming weeks’ section.

Taboo Mansion Party Content:

Marketplace and Staking:




Competition Winners:


What is the focus for the coming weeks?

Taboo Mansion Party Post Event Content:

1) Turn the content into a series of cool promotional video that we can release to the community and have ready for marketing when the time is right. These videos will start coming out before the next report.

2) Use the content to update our Marketplace to reflect the cool event and the live entertainment aspect of Taboo. These updates will start to show in coming weeks.

3) Turn the content into NFT’s for the Marketplace. This will take a little more time so be patient. They will look amazing, pure class, and will really help us market Taboo going forward. These are likely to be completed in October if all goes well but the work on this is now starting.

4) TABOO Digital Magazine is in the works and some of this content will be used for our first TABOO Magazine

NFTs for Early Stakers:


Marketplace Development CTO Article:

Marketplace development and Features:

-Fiat + CC purchase option for Taboo swap feature

-Fiat + Other crypto purchase option (other than Taboo) for buying NFT’s on the MP

-Merch Store

-MP User experience updates

-MP updates to reflect the real life entertainment side of our business

-Add a casting calls feature to make it easier for models to apply to join the Taboo brand

TabooPunks Reveal Strategy:

TabooPunks Utility:

Claimed but Un-Revealed TabooPunks



Taboo Metaverse:

Exchange Discussions:

Other Areas of Interest:

Taboo Team Structure:

Taboo Girls List:

Khloe Terea (Brand Ambassador) / Chloe Avenheim / Holly Barker / CJ Sparxx / Jenni Summers / Syd Wilder / Marie Madore / CJ Franco / Anya Benton / Claudia Fijal / Noel Leon / Quiggle Ignacio / Anastasia Nova / Ivy Ferguson

Another report will follow in two weeks. Please DM @MatTabooCM if you have any suggestions for improvements or additional areas that this report could include.

Many Thanks

Taboo Team



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