Taboo Community Bi-Weekly Update 20th September 2022

So what has been happening in recent weeks?

The recent main focus of the Taboo project over the last 2–3 weeks has been to focus on business as usual, such as focusing on tech development of the MP and reviewing and editing a lot of content gained from the Taboo Mansion party now that the Entertainment side of TABOO is here. Also, a lot of time has been spent planning the next moves for the taboo project which will become evident in this report.

Taboo Mansion Party Content:

The Taboo mansion took place over the 13th,14th,15th of August in Phuket, Thailand. The event went very well as confirmed in the last Bi — Weekly update and various announcements. Since the party finished, the team has been reviewing a lot of content as the editing process has been taking place. We can now confirm that the team has received all the content from the party from the photographers, cameramen and editors.

Marketplace and Staking:

The marketplace is looking good and is stable and largely error free. However over the last few weeks there have been some staking issues that the CTO and DEV team have had to look into. The Dev team have looked into the root cause of these and they believe the matter has been resolved but please e-mail if you have any issues.


The focus of the team has recently been on the post Taboo Mansion party actions and strategy and planning for moving forward. Therefore not much marketing and focus has been on the TabooPunks recently but please see the ‘whats is the focus for the coming weeks’ section for some information on future plans for the TabooPunks. TabooPunk holders must remember that the future and value of the TabooPunks is directly linked to the strength of the Taboo brand going forward. Therefore work and marketing done on the Taboo mansion parties, the Marketplace and the token as a whole will have a direct positive impact on the TabooPunks in time.


It has been confirmed in the last weeks by the CEO and COO that Taboo will have completed the remaining Certik actions by the end of September and request final sign-off from Certik. See more information in the Certik section later in this update.


Work on an updated whitepaper is ongoing and the CTO and Devs are now adding content, a date for completion is confirmed, see below for what’s happening in upcoming weeks.

Competition Winners:

All competition winners have been announced and paid out in the last few weeks.


Discussions have started with new TabooGirls in the last few weeks.

What is the focus for the coming weeks?

Taboo Mansion Party Post Event Content:

Ok, so we now have all the content back from the editing team and now have four actions to focus on:

NFTs for Early Stakers:

Thank you for the patience of the early Stakers ho had to endure staking issues and delays and anxiety during our first MP launch at the end of 2021. You were promised some free NFT’s as way of an apology and a thank you. We are adding this section to this report and it will stay here until the promise is made good. The NFT’s that will be airdropped to you will be the NFT’s that are created from the recent Mansion Party. So please be patient a little longer. When these NFT’s are ready we will announce this and take the relevant steps to get them to you.


Actions have been assigned and meetings planned in order to get the remaining Certik actions completed by the end of September. An announcement will follow when this is done. However, please understand that the time it will take for Certik to review the actions and issue the final sign-off report is not in our hands. We will be pushing them for it but we can assure you that our actions required to get a signed off Certik audit will be done this month. We are very keen to get this completed and behind us.

Marketplace Development CTO Article:

We can confirm that our CTO Nadeem will be releasing an article on Medium called ‘Thoughts of the CTO’’ and will cover in detail the roadmap for the Marketplace and its features and timelines. This will be out before the end of this month so watch out for it.

Marketplace development and Features:

The following features are in progress. More details to follow in the ‘Thoughts of the CTO’ Medium article mentioned above, where we will share timelines.

TabooPunks Reveal Strategy:

Taboo Management are progressing on a Taboo Punk Strategy that will be announced to the community before the next Bi-weekly update comes out. The next moved for the Punks are important and the next moves will benefit holders and Taboo. So please watch this space.

TabooPunks Utility:

A lot of utility has already been announced and some more utilities are to be announced, especially for the other bordered punks besides Gold. We plan on releasing a Punk Utility Info-Graphic that will show all the punks utilities from Bronze through to Gold in one cool image. This info-graphic plus announcements on new Utility will be done by the 7th of October. We are thinking of different utilities for the punks such as additional event access, increased Metaverse experience and also plots of land from the up-coming Taboo Metaverse. So watch out for the announcements and the info-graphic.

Claimed but Un-Revealed TabooPunks

The Taboo team and Openseas noticed a small amount of suspicious activity regarding the purchasing of hidden TabooPunks. Once marked as suspicious on Openseas they’ll be revealed.


We can confirm a date of the 7th of October for the updated Whitepaper to be completed and announced.


Discussions are still ongoing with a very high profile model. This model is known for her more X rated work. The socials of this model reach over 4 million people! Nothing is guaranteed but we wanted to share this information with the community. Fingers crossed and watch this space.

Taboo Metaverse:

Taboo is developing its very own Metaverse. We may also buy land in existing Metaverses but our aim is to have a Taboo Metaverse that sits nicely as part of the Taboo adult entertainment offering. We are now including this section in the Bi Weekly update as in coming weeks/months we will be releasing some teasers and examples of what we have planned along with a Medium article dedicated to our Metaverse plans. So please watch this space.

Exchange Discussions:

The core team are continuing to discuss a new exchange listing and are in touch with a couple of CEX’s. More info will be shared as this progresses.

Other Areas of Interest:

Taboo Team Structure:

Take a look at our Organizational structure below. This will be kept up-to-date in this report moving forward. This Org chart suits the needs of the Taboo project at this time but will always be kept under review as we move forward to meet any additional needs.

Taboo Girls List:

Please see the up-to-date list of Taboo Girls. This list will be kept up-to-date in this report moving forward.



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