Taboo Community — Bi Weekly Update 11th May 2022

Welcome to the Taboo bi-weekly update:

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5 min readMay 11, 2022


Welcome to the first Taboo Community Bi Weekly Update. In order to keep the community informed of developments and core information, with a high degree of honesty and transparency, this report will be sent out every two weeks from now on. It aims to bring all the various threads and deliverables together in one short and sharp update. We hope you like it..:-)

So what has been happening in recent weeks?:

The recent focus of the Taboo project has been on two main fronts. Firstly to get the much improved Marketplace v1 back up and running as its been down longer that we wanted. Secondly, the TabooPunks needed to be released to the community after long delays and after a long period of testing various technical methods for claiming them. Thank you to the community for the patience shown on both fronts.

Marketplace v1 development, we have a timeline!:

Regarding the new MarketPlace v1, the intro page was brought back up as planned on the 1st of April with a brand new UI/UX. This intro page included viewable staking balances. A project plan has been produced to go-live with the full site which includes all the new UI/UX pages, all 35 of them. The team were comfortable in sharing a date of the 2nd of June for the go-live of the new Marketplace v1.0.

TabooPunks go live!

The plan was also to have the TabooPunks claims live on the intro Page by the 1st of April but unfortunately this deadline was missed due to ongoing technical investigations regarding gas fee refunds. This matter could not be resolved and Taboo was forced to take the difficult but necessary decision to release the TabooPunks to the community without providing gas fee refunds. TabooPunks were finally made claimable on April 25th for round 1 claimants and at the time of writing this update over 1600 TabooPunks have been claimed. The claimed punks have also been revealed and are now even listed on Round 2 of claims will begin shortly on the 12th of May. A big Thank you to the community for sticking by Taboo throughout the delays but we are glad to see how happy the community is to receive the punks and see them in the flesh. Please watch out for separate announcements as the TabooPunks claim rounds progress and marketing kicks into action.

Our very first ‘First Friday AMA’ took place:

Every first Friday of the month Taboo will hold an AMA. To share good news or any bumps in the road. A transparent, open, honest update will be shared every month. We hope this is a development valued by the community. Of course, Ad-hoc AMA’s will also be scheduled for any major developments that just cant wait for the next ‘First Friday’ AMA.

A new Taboo girl joins Taboo:

Taboo was pleased to announce that Quiggle Ignacio has joined the Taboo Girl fold. With over 2 million instagram followers and her unique style she will be an excellent Taboo girl addition.

What is the focus for the next two weeks?

Marketplace v1 development:

The new UX/UI which consists of 35 pages, that has been completed by our new Dev team based in Dubai, needs to be integrated onto the existing MP. This is the focus of our Indian Development team over the coming two weeks in order to meet the 2nd of June deadline for going live with the new and improved MP v1. Separate announcements will be provided to let the community know of the progress being made with this work. The new UI/UX will completely transform the look and feel of the Marketplace as the Intro page that is currently live clearly shows. Staking withdrawals for those who have been locked into staking, as well as new staking, will also go live on the 2nd of June. The team has decided to give out some form or reward to stakers who have been locked in beyond the 90 days locked period due to the MP being down. Separate announcements will follow regarding this. Any staking issues or questions should be raised by e-mailing Any escalations of staking issues please DM the Community Manager @MatTabooCM.

TabooPunks claim round 2:

TabooPunks claim round 2 will start on the 12th of May and complete within the coming two weeks and the claimed punks will be revealed and listed on after round 2 claims are finished. Any TabooPunk claim issues or questions should be raised by e-mailing Any escalations of TabooPunks issues please DM the Community Manager @MatTabooCM.


We are pleased to announce that Taboo has recruited a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Nadeem, the new CTO, will be working hand in hand with the Taboo development teams and will ensure improved technical release management, done to plan, going forward. Please see the recent announcements regarding this. A warm welcome to Nadeem.

Whitepaper and Roadmap:

Work will begin on updating the Taboo Whitepaper and Roadmap in the coming two weeks with an aim to get them finished prior to the 2nd of June new Marketplace launch.


Yes, we haven’t forgotten, there are a couple of things that need doing to pass the Certik Audit. A Multi-Sig wallet to be created and the Gas fee efficiency matter needs investigating. We aim to get these started in the next couple of weeks.

New Taboo girl to be announced:

There was a plan to announce two new Taboo Girls a few weeks ago but only one was announced. A second model will be announced in the next two weeks.

Other Areas of Interest:

Taboo Team Structure:

Take a look at our Organisational structure below. This will be kept up-to-date in this report moving forward. This Org chart suits the needs of the Taboo project at this time but will always be kept under review as we move forward to meet any additional needs.

Taboo Girls List:

Please see the up-to-date list of Taboo Girls. This list will be kept up-to-date in this report moving forward.

Khloe Terea (Brand Ambassador) / Chloe Avenheim / Holly Barker / CJ Sparxx / Jenni Summers / Syd Wilder / Marie Madore / CJ Franco / Anya Benton / Claudia Fijal / Noel Leon / Quiggle Ignacio


The last photo-shoot was held in LA in March. The team are happy with the amount of content we have and there is plenty of content to load up onto the new MP in time for 2nd June Launch date. The next photo-shoot will be planned for July.

Another report will follow in two weeks. Please DM @MatTabooCM if you have any suggestions on additional areas that this report could include.

Many Thanks

Taboo Team



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