TABOO appoints Moe Iman as the new COO to Accelerate Business Growth

TABOO — The Playboy of Crypto

The #1 Decentralized Adult Entertainment and Media platform TABOO has officially onboarded Moe Iman as its new COO as part of its growth plan. In this role, Moe will work closely with the executive team to lead various key operations within the organization.

With astounding growth from the start of 2023, TABOO has positioned itself to become the only trustworthy and reliable adult entertainment platform utilizing blockchain technology and NFTs to unlock premium content for its esteemed community members, token holders and fans worldwide.

Prior to the appointment, Moe was the Head of Partnerships and Growth at Mean DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a protocol DAO on Solana with 65,000 MAU(Monthly Active Users) delivering exceptional community growth, product adoption, Marketing, and PR along with forging alliances and partnerships across all verticals.

Moe has over 20+ years of experience driving business growth, user acquisitions, partnerships, business development, events and sports management and developing business strategies for startups in both web2 and web3 sectors.

James, CEO of TABOO quoted “This strategic appointment has been focused on driving the TABOO brand as a whole worldwide as well as recognizing where improvements had to be made. Moe has a strong understanding of the fundamentals of any project within the crypto-sphere and a vast array of connections which in turn will drive our growth forward.’

In just 2 years and through 3 black swan calamities, TABOO has achieved mainstream success by leading the web3 adult entertainment industry as the authoritative brand and voice in utilizing tokenized content creation and distribution. That, along with creating a utility NFT — Taboo Punks, which are currently available for purchase on Opensea — link here, for consumers to access content from their favorite KOLs and influencers.

With the likes of Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq and many others regularly covering the growth and progress of TABOO, its token and its vision, it’s a no brainer that the new COO will definitely be a valuable addition to the team.

About Moe Iman

Before his official appointment as a COO of TABOO, Moe had been guiding, advising and building the web3 and blockchain space by advising various startups, founders and investors in Operations, Strategy development and deployment, creating partnerships across the board that have always led to a net positive outcome for all those involved, along with a rich, diverse and deep relation with VCs, Launchpads, DAOs, NFTs, DeFi and GameFi communities.

Moe is a true visionary and leader in his field, with a wealth of experience and expertise that will be invaluable to our company. His ability to connect people, passion, technology, ideas and organizations is truly second to none, and he has an impressive track record of over 20 years in various sectors.

From traditional banking and sports and events management to health and wellness, entertainment, advisory and consultancy, Moe has proven time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with. And let’s not forget his expertise in web3 and web2 projects, and his reputation as one of the most prominent names and sought-after blockchain connectors in the industry.

Known for his regular podcasts and Twitter spaces — Building web3 and active presence and participation in regional and international events, forums and exhibitions, Moe is a household name in the decentralized sector.

Learn more about TABOO’s new COO by connecting with him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium.

So, the big question is, what does this mean for TABOO?

We thought you might never ask!

Moe has some big expectations and deliverables to fulfil and we as a team will be supporting him to ensure that TABOO becomes the #1 Adult Entertainment token and community in 2023 and beyond.

Users’ security, improvements in UX and UI, and representation of TABOO on a global platform are just some of the expectations from Moe’s appointment.

These along with the growth in TVL, onboarding of new users, creating new and fostering existing partnerships, and token listing on major CEX are some of the additional deliverables on the new COO’s part with guidance and support from the executive team.

With this being said, TABOO is now on its path to becoming The Playboy of Crypto!

Learn more about TABOO and join our community today!

$TABOO Token is currently available to purchase on, LBank, WhiteBit, Hotbit, or directly on Pancakeswap.



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