Post-Marketplace V1 Launch Updates

Previous Beta Launch Info

  • Anyone who did a double purchase on the select few cases in the past beta version, and was unsuccessful in receiving an NFT, will be getting refunded their TABOO tokens
  • Anyone who tried to buy an NFT before, and it failed but tokens were still absorbed, will also be getting refunded their TABOO Tokens
  • Anyone who staked on 1st launch, before we implemented a taxless staking protocol, they will be refunded the 7% TABOO token tax they incurred! Why? Because we have updated our Staking Protocol to ensure that it is taxless for both deposits and withdrawals for all users, and are aware it is not fair that previous stakers, on a previous BETA launch product, have to take on old tax protocols for staking
  • Some old stakers from 1st launch are still noticing their “Stake” Balances are not reflecting. Please do not worry — our Dev Team is manually updating the data, and retroactively updating the new APY of 16% and your Interest Earned over the last month will be reflected and updated too!

Current Launch Updates

  • Our TXN tax is normally 7% on all buys and sells — with 4% to LP/Marketing, 2% redistributions, and 1% to burns. Within the next 12–24 hours, our redistribution tax will be removed and the new BSC Tax Tokenomics will be as follows:
  • There is a minimum 3 month lock-up period for an APY of 16% Anyone who staked last month, on 1st launch, if you notice a discreptancy in the data, do not worry — this is being updated manually by our Dev Team to reflect interest earned over that month, and to reflect current APY values.
  • Our Staking protocol is a centralized staking protocol. How we were able to circumvent the on-chain BSC tax tokenomics is by shifting to a centralized staking protocol. The TABOO team is funding and handling the 4% tax tokenomics fees to ensure taxless staking on deposits, and withdrawals.
  • In the near future, we are considering moving into and phasing into a fully decentralized defi staking system that includes Liquidity LP Mining, but for now, the reason to have done centralized staking above is to bypass the tax tokenomics of our BSC native token so you can all happily stake without losing APY returns on deposits, and withdrawals. For this reason, we are very happy to have this kind of staking protocol in place!
  • Lastly: Staking does NOT IMPACT your Tiering level. If you stake $5,000 of TABOO, for example, you WILL still have T3 Access on the Marketplace
  • In order to view your Stakes, you must login and connect with your Wallet. Go to “Stakes” and view your Staked amount.
  • We are aware that some users are still not seeing their Stake Balances. Remember one thing: Staking is successfully working. You can view on BSC Scan that the Stake transactions went through. For these particular users, the stake data will reflect asap.
  • Resell feature will be coming live in a matter of days — estimated time is 7–10 days.
  • We are creating our Marketplace to imitate and work like Openseas, where buyers of NFTs can also re-sell their NFTs on our Marketplace, and there will be price history shown, previous bid information, etc. We are excited to phase this in, but until then, enjoy your End of Year NFT shopping for these rare, exclusive, and scarce NFT assets!

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$TABOO are an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.

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Taboo Token

Taboo Token

$TABOO are an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.

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