Meet Our New COO: Uniting Vision and Talent for Taboo’s Success

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2 min readJul 17, 2023

It’s all go go go in the Taboo Mansion!

Today saw the appointment of our new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Paul Pickering, an exceptional leader with a profound background in the corporate realm.

“Having been in recruitment and sales for over a decade, my strategy and vision for aligning teams is ideal for what Taboo needs, someone who can bring clear leadership and vision to the project, almost giving it a new lease of life!!” -newly appointed COO, Paul Pickering

Paul joins Taboo with an illustrious track record in guiding teams towards unparalleled success, forging strong partnerships, and driving exponential growth. His expertise and accomplishments will prove to be invaluable as they endeavour to align their talented teams, ensure seamless collaboration, and foster an environment of innovation and growth.

With great pleasure, Paul is appointed to spearhead the team behind Taboo, uniting efforts towards a singular vision, and to lead the change in the development and launch of their very exciting new marketplace. His passion for the project, coupled with his business experience, positions him as a key driving force behind Taboo’s advancement.

As some will know, a more innovative user-centric market place is being developed which will provide more utility for the token, Taboo remains deeply grateful to their supportive community who fuel ambitions. With the addition of Paul, They are only poised to achieve new milestones, surpass expectations, and set new standards with bringing the adult entertainment industry together with crypto!

Some words from the Co-Founder/CEO, James on the new hire..

“My main focus on this appointment has been an entrepreneurial mind set whose interests are aligned with mine. Business acumen and getting stuff done is fundamental in any business and Paul has proven that he can deliver. It’s paramount for me that TABOO’s COO eats, sleeps and breaths TABOO with the urgency required in the fast moving environment.”

Exciting times lie ahead!



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