Marketplace Update 3

This is the latest Marketplace Update! We will be ready to go live soon, as we finally come to, what we hope, is the end of our bug spotting, optimization, and upgrades for our Marketplace. Plus! We have the new content from the shoot in Miami, to upload for everyone to see and snag, before they are sold out!

Before, we get to the latest update, the Taboo Team would like to mention a proposed competition. This contest will be in time for the Holidays, to celebrate, Taboo style!

In case you are not familiar with these, our Taboopunks are an upcoming NFT option, that purchasers can have and use to access all tiers on our marketplace and even gain access to some exclusive VIP parties, that only punk holders will get an invite to! If you want a Taboopunk, please use this link There are only around 4,000 left!


  1. Content/NFTs were just randomly placed in the explore page. Tier 1 and 2 content is currently contained within the greater part of the Marketplace body, with Tier 3 in the “Adult Stars” section. And the Search bar has been optimized to recognize text searches better, for names. (Fixed, Pending Further Improvements)
  2. Reduced the Padlock Image sizes on the locked images. (Fixed)
  3. 3 Different security levels have been implemented:

A. MVC Code format implementation, for all transactions in the backend code on the server.

B. Server Ports are inaccessible.

C. AWS Security Policies.

4. “Set up Wallet”/ “Add Your NFTs” / “Sell Your NFTs” was unresponsive, therefore, the developers added the .Added link to the login for Content Creators. (Fixed)

5. On the Farming Page, after user connects via their wallet, the farm now shows TVL, APR, and LP Token balances, where it previously did not. (Fixed)

6. The Add Liquidity button now redirects to Pancakeswap, so the user can purchase LP to place in the yield farm, since you must purchase LP tokens from Pancake, before you can use the farming protocol. (Optimization and Explanations added)

7. Wallet Login bugs out if you try to change wallets on the site. (Fixed)

8. On “All Transactions” page, it now reflects the NFT Contract address, to make it easier to add the NFTs purchased to the wallet, along with the NFT ID, all on the same page. (Added)

9. “View NFT” redirects to the IPFS Meta Data page, to show the NFT.

10. Ability to login, stake, and buy NFTs from Mobile have been tested by the development team and the menu is fully displayed now. (Fixed, pending testing by independent testers)

11. The website works in all iterations of the URL, in your browser, but there is a disconnect in the links posted in other platforms. (Under Review)

12. Users cannot copy items on the page, like NFT pictures, or things like that. All items necessary to be copied are available to click and copy to clipboard. (Added)

These are the current fixes that have been implemented, as well as optimizations done. We are growing closer to re-launch, where we will finally provide a stable and complete product, for users to purchase NFTs. Thank you so much for you patience!




$TABOO are an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.

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Taboo Token

Taboo Token

$TABOO are an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.

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