March Madness: Q1 Recap and What’s coming up in Q2 for Taboo

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Taboo, the blockchain-powered NFT and merchandise marketplace, had an eventful Q1. With a focus on improving the user experience and building the brand, the company made significant strides toward its goal of becoming the go-to marketplace for exclusive, high-quality NFTs and merchandise. Here’s a recap of the achievements made in Q1 and what to expect in Q2.

Roadmap — Q1 commitments

Taboo’s product and brand teams worked tirelessly in Q1 to evaluate the current state of the marketplace and develop a complete brand guideline, tone of voice, and brand identity. The result is a refreshing and revised website and marketplace that is set to launch in Q2. The team also made significant progress in optimizing the creation of Taboo’s brand guide, colors, fonts, and brand identity.

Cross-chain SDK integrations are put on hold until the brand has been revised, and the new website and marketplace launched. The team decided against implementing cross-chain functionality until the brand’s new look is revealed.

Taboo also has been working on the Merchandise program initiative, which is closely connected to the revised and optimized brand guide. This includes brand colors, fonts, and identity.

The launch of Twitter Spaces was a huge success, with Khloe as the guest speaker. Taboo also made its presence felt at multiple IRL and online events, including AWS Bangkok, LinkedIn Power Users, Blockchain Week, and Matrixport Dinner.

Listing $TABOO Token on CEX continued in Q1, with BKEX and MEXC. The team also collaborated with market markers to make improvements to $TABOO tokens on CEX and is in talks with new potential partners.

Adding utility for the $TABOO token will come with the new marketplace, which will have a merchandise store in addition to the current NFTs.

Strategic crypto and industry partnerships with Intract for the Referral Program and Truts for Taboo community listing were also made.

Onboarding new Taboo Models is an ongoing process and aimed to add eight new models in 2023.

Billboard Campaigns will launch in Q2, and the company plans to focus on Marketing and PR campaigns. Taboo Official community launch on CMC, the Taboo article most trending on CMC, and the Taboo token trending multiple times on CMC were all achievements in Q1.

The Community and Token holder growth continues to improve with growth in token holders, growth in the staking account, growth in IG followers, and improvements to Discord, Blockhash podcast, and LinkedIn page for Taboo setup.

Constant updates to the security, usability, and the Taboo Marketplace have been in the works with Q2 new features and content releases.

An update from our CTO

Our recent focus on the Tech side of Taboo has been biased from feature developments to infrastructure resilience and improving user satisfaction. The surge in traffic and holder growth required an increase in the capacity of our AWS cloud servers. We also had external security consultants perform penetration testing for potential areas of website attack. No areas exploitable for a data breach were found.

Having considered recommendations, we are moving the AWS infrastructure behind Cloudflare to further protect from DDOS, (amongst other suggestions) and longer-term evaluating other cloud hosting providers.

The on-ramp process is underway to allow processing of FIAT to purchase Taboo via our marketplace — facilitating ease of entry to Taboo for the non-crypto-centric community.

We’ve also devoted resources to clearing legacy marketplace and token issues which have made a marked improvement to the support situation.

Q2 — What’s next on the list?

Moving forward into Q2, there are exciting developments on the horizon. In Q2, Taboo plans to review and revise the token staking rewards, introduce marketplace discounts, launch new marketing, growth, and collaboration materials, and revamp the website, brand, UX, and UI. Additionally, on-ramp payment and improvements to social media strategies are on the horizon.

Taboo has had a productive Q1, and with a focus on the user experience and building the brand, the company is set to make even more significant strides in Q2.

Additionally, Taboo managed to secure 3 CEX listings, one of which being MEXC which launched April 11th, 2023, followed closely by the announcement of the other 2 CEX.

In conclusion, Q1 was a busy and successful quarter for Taboo, with several key milestones achieved, collaborations formed, and plans laid out for the future. With the launch of the merchandise program, Twitter Spaces, and several event activations, the team at Taboo has shown their commitment to building a strong community around their brand.

At Taboo, we believe that our success is intertwined with that of our community. We look forward to working together to achieve our shared goals and creating a thriving ecosystem for our users and supporters.

So, whether you’re a longtime Taboo supporter or just learning about us for the first time, we invite you to join us on this journey. Follow us on social media, participate in our events, and stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months.

Together, we can build a better future for blockchain technology and the wider crypto community.

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