Majid’s Taboo Update

To our dear and loyal community members,

I’ve decided to provide the weekly update for you all, because I wanted to directly speak to the last few days. Taboo has experienced exponential growth. Truly, a crypto story of growth. From 6,000 holders to over 10,000. A market cap of $10 million, to a market cap of $50 million, with a floor of $40 million. It has been absolutely incredible, and I have been honoured to share this time with all of you.

While we have seen rapid growth in our price and marketcap, our focus and attention has not changed to the priorities and plans we have. A better measure, to me, is our holder count and watching our community grow daily. Our #1 focus is to launch our working product, and it is right around the corner.

As a reminder, our Marketplace date is coming up. We are attempting to get it ready by the end of next week, but we want it to be perfect, as an imperfect product launch can hurt a project. We want you all to be as amazed by it, as we simply are. It is simple to use, elegant, classy, and will have a plethora of content ready. Please review our Whitepaper to get an understanding of the various Versions being made.

This is our MVP Launch too, and it is important to remind everyone it is the start of our journey together.
Over time, we will be releasing multiple versions. As mentioned in previous AMA’s, while there is 3 main “phases” for version updates, the reality is we will be updating, modifying, and improving the user-friendliness, interface, and other running parts of the Marketplace at all times. Our development team, Powersoft, has been wonderful to work with, and their previous history building EnjinCoins Marketplace gives us a major advantage.

We did not originally plan to have our Tier system ready for Version 1, but we do! Tiers 1–3 will be available, beginning with this release! This is a treat, because it allows us to provide content up to and including NSFW, with our release!

Our listing process on a major CEX is also underway this week, and this will be the first major CEX of others we have our sights on for Q4 2021.

Large-scale marketing efforts are being strategically lined up, and planned for launch and post-launch, as we believe having a strong working product maximizes the effects of our marketing spend, and in turn directly benefits you, our dedicated community.

Some features for V1 coming:
1. Staking your Taboo, for Annuity percentages.
2. Yield farming
3. Over $1 Million in NFTs getting ready for listing, upon launch.
4. Access to our lovely ladies’ content!
5. Buys and sells of NFT’s
6. A unique swap feature to convert other cryptos into $TABOO
7. Tiers 1–3 of exclusive content, for our users!

And more that you can read up on in a previous Medium article around the V1 features below:

Some of what’ll be included in later versions:
a. VR
b. Live Streaming
c. Active Tipping
d. Advertising/Monetization of space
f. Cross-chain integration of the hottest chains in Cryptocurrency.
g. Staking onto individual profiles
g. Immutable NFT’s

And much much more!

While we have a clear roadmap and plan, we are constantly adapting to the most current technology too to stay up to date and on top.
An example being that immutable NFTs, a new type that’s out, will be integrated into our later version plans.

As mentioned earlier, our development team is making final alterations and we have requested some additions to our V1 launch for features, which at a later date we will release a revised breakdown of every feature included in V1.

Concluding Points

From Day 1 we have had our sights set on becoming the #1 Adult Token in all of Crypto. Playboy of Crypto is our slogan, and the pillars that define us are Quality, Innovation, and Exclusivity.

We are looking to build a strong, long-lasting, and sustainable brand. The goal is to ensure the entire world knows, hears about TABOO, and simply can access our marketplace and buy us, for all crypto-centric minded AND non-crypto centric minded individuals.

We will 100% be ready for launch before month end, that is what we can assure you.

There is a lot of planning to get the content all ready and ensure this smooth, historical launch.

Chief of Operations



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