Gold TABOOPUNKS Utility Announcement 1 of 4 — Introducing TABOOSPACE

To our loyal and dedicated community,

What a wonderful last week we have had!

Our TABOOPUNKS floor price has grown 400%. This is during a time where Openseas Volume is much lower. Yet again, a testament to the unbreakable core that is $TABOO. We are fundamentally strong, continuously building out this brand to get it to where it deserves to be:

A Top 10 Cryptocurrency

The TIME HAS NOW FINALLY COME to unveil a special, revolutionary utility to our Gold PUNKS!

Before we unveil this utility, it is important to re-iterate that as a baseline, all PUNKS holders attain access to:

1. All tiers of our Marketplace

2. Invites to attend various live events, such as our upcoming TABOO Festival scheduled for Q1 of 2023

3. Access and benefits to our upcoming TabooVerse (Metaverse that is currently in construction)

Not only do our TABOOPUNKS have outstanding, and currently active utilities, but we will be continuously adding utilities to all kinds of PUNKS over time!

Without further ado, we are proud to announce the introduction of:



As you recall, our TABOOPUNKS serve as your ticket to the world of exclusive content on our existing Marketplace and select live, VIP parties, amongst additional utilities coming.

TABOOSPACE will be bringing the “VIP” into our TABOOPUNKS

By owning a Gold Punk, you will be able to enter a dedicated area, TABOOSPACE, made available to all Gold PUNKS holders at every PUNKS-related live event.

This will be a VIP exclusive section at these live events. You will be able to connect closely with key TABOO persons, have meet and greets and spend time with different $TABOO models, select and private sectioned entertainment— BECOMING A VIP YOURSELF.

At these live events, a Gold PUNKS holder will be clearly distinguishable from a Silver, or Bronze holder. You will receive priority treatment, back-stage access, and be clearly recognized at these live events as a VIP.

Have you ever been to a party or special occasion where you witness a VIP in attendance? THAT WILL BE YOU!


This is our first, formal introduction to the TABOOSPACE. TABOOSPACE is a brand new concept that is now currently being developed further. What this means is over time, additional utilities, benefits, and details will be shared as it continues its developmental stage and into full completion. More key benefits will be added to the TABOOSPACE umbrella.

Over the span of the next month, week-by-week, we will be unveiling/announcing new developments and utilities within TABOOSPACE

We are excited and thrilled to bring further synergy between our TABOOPUNKS and TABOO TOKEN.

While owning a Gold PUNK is not the same as being a Tier 4 Holder of our $TABOO token, they are directly similar in the sense that a Tier 4 Holder and a Gold PUNK holder is at the top of the heirarchy for exclusive access into the world of TABOO, granting you unique powers that no other project, in our industry, or cryptocurrency as a whole, is doing.

Make sure you take advantage of this announcement and work towards becoming a Gold PUNK holder. As we continue to unveil additional utilities, week by week for the next month, expect to see the average price of these limited supply PUNKS to continue to rise in value.

Therefore, STAY TUNED for new UTILITY ADDS to Gold PUNK holders and further developments because:

Announcement 2/4 will be coming next week!

Best regards,

  • Majid
  • Chief of Operations on $TABOO



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