Gold TABOOPUNK Utility Announcement 2 of 4 — TABOOSPACE in Metaverse

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3 min readJul 20, 2022


To our loyal and dedicated community,

Our TABOOPUNKS have shown quite a lot of resilience during this current market trend. As promised, we will be continuing to unveil additional utilities to our TABOOPUNKS NFTs.

We believe not only these TABOOPUNKS are extremely undervalued, but that our efforts, day in and day out, will rightfully get them to the price levels they deserve to be!

As a reminder, before we unveil this next utility, it is important to re-iterate that as a baseline, all PUNKS holders attain access to:

1. All tiers of our Marketplace

2. Invites to attend various live events, such as our upcoming TABOO Festival scheduled for Q1 of 2023

3. Access and benefits to our upcoming TabooVerse (Metaverse that is currently in construction)

ALL KINDS of PUNKS (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) will be having additional utilities added to them over time.

As you recall, our TABOOPUNKS serve as your ticket to the world of exclusive content on our existing Marketplace and select live, VIP parties, amongst additional utilities coming.

TABOOSPACE Utility Reminder (From Announcement 1 of 4)

TABOOSPACE, a GOLD PUNK Utility that we unveiled the other week, is bringing the “VIP” into our TABOOPUNKS

TABOOSPACE was introduced for the purpose of live, in-person events such as our TABOO Festival that is scheduled, and other upcoming live events

You will be able to connect closely with key TABOO persons, have meet and greets and spend time with different $TABOO models, select and private sectioned entertainment — BECOMING A VIP YOURSELF.

At these live events, a Gold PUNKS holder will be clearly distinguishable from a Silver, or Bronze holder. You will receive priority treatment, back-stage access, and be clearly recognized at these live events as a VIP.

Without further ado, we are sharing Utility #2 of 4:


As you all recall, TABOOSPACE is an already introduced utility made available to all Gold PUNKS holders at every PUNKS-related live event.

We are proud to announce that TABOOSPACE will be a VIP exclusive section within our TABOO Metaverse, that is currently under construction.

Therefore, owning a GOLD TABOOPUNK grants you the ability to access this most exclusive, VIP dedicated area both IN PERSON and VIRTUALLY in our upcoming METAVERSE!!

While our METAVERSE is currently under construction, we understand that visually, our community is not clear on what it will look like yet.

We will be sharing videos, and introductions to our Metaverse later this quarter of 2022.

Bronze/Silver/Gold BORDERED PUNKS Utility Connections to $TABOO

Further synergy is going to be met between our TABOOPUNKS NFTS and our native token, $TABOO.

As a hint to you all — there will be utilities coming that involve quantity of TABOOPUNKS you own directly linked to certain bonuses

Perhaps NFT Staking is coming?

With the above being said, we urge everyone to take advantage of also owning Bronze and Silver Bordered punks, and owning MORE OF THEM!

These further utilities are being crafted and expect more announcements to come on this!


This is our second, formal introduction to the TABOOSPACE. TABOOSPACE is a brand new concept that is now currently being developed further. What this means is over time, additional utilities, benefits, and details will be shared as it continues its developmental stage and into full completion. More key benefits will be added to the TABOOSPACE umbrella.

Work towards becoming a Gold PUNK holder.

Furthermore, do not ignore the hint we made above around new utilities for the Bronze and Silver PUNKS that are coming.

There will be bonuses, rewards, and major incentives for owning quantity of punks too in an upcoming special utility we cannot wait to share with you all!

Therefore, STAY TUNED for new UTILITY ADDS to Gold PUNK holders and for BRONZE and SILVER holders

Announcement 3/4 will be coming next week!

Best regards,

  • Majid
  • Chief of Operations on $TABOO



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