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3 min readNov 17, 2022


To our loyal and dedicated community of $TABOO investors,

We understand you have been extremely patient in awaiting the completion of our Certik Audit. We are proud to announce that after long deliberations and discussions with the Certik team, they are now READY to publish the findings/results for TABOO!

TABOO Certik Audit

In a very short time, Certik will be officially publishing the full Audit for our project. While we understand the prevailing notion that this has taken an extensive amount of time to finally be published, we are here to share some pre-emptive information around what to expect from the Audit findings, now that there is clarity around what will be published:

What to Expect

We will admit, part of the reason this took so long to release is due to differences in opinion between ourselves, and Certik, on areas of changes that we simply will never adopt or change.

A few key points to consider:

In general, token projects do not renounce their contract. By doing so, you are, and I have said this on AMA’s before, handing over control of your business away. Previously, when PancakeSwap was still in V1, all the projects that had their contracts renounced, were unfortunately unable to transition their tokens into V2. In light of this, and our experience, we elected not to do this.

The ability to change our tax percentages were pivotal and crucial earlier on in TABOO’s infancy — we were able to implement a 4% LP/Marketing Tax, and were also able to reduce our overall taxes to 5%, followed by removing redistributions/passive 2% rewards from volume to incentivize our investors to stake — all through the ability to have this control to make these tax changes.

In light of this information:

  1. Certik had wanted us to renounce our contract, but to also remove our LP/Marketing tax entirely — meaning, to not have it there at all, which would require a redeployment of our existing contract by removing it from our code in its entirety. Their rationale to us was that it is named “Charity Tax Wallet” — as our TABOO contract is a fork to another existing contract — and they wanted us to donate our 4% LP/Marketing Tax to Binance purely on these semantics as well. Since we elected not to do this, as this is harmful to our business and doesn’t support TABOO, there will still be a “Major” discussion piece around this particular tax, but this is entirely standard to us due to our refusal to renounce the contract and donate some of our volume to Binance.
  2. The second point had to do with not having Multi-Sig Wallets in place — we have already elected to rectify this.
  3. The remainder points were just informational, and minor, but we have discussed with Devs around our gas efficiency in particular and it would be redundant to follow Certik’s recommendation on this.



The additional information and points that Certik will be sharing with respect to our Audit are absolutely standard because we primarily have elected not to renounce our contract, meaning we are keeping the ability to modify and alter our tax %’s for aspects like burn %’s, LP/Marketing, etc. The rest of the information published is minor/informational, and we have already elected to conduct Multi-Sig Wallets for our contract, and we have deduced, through our own exploration, the redundancies in some of their advice around gas efficiency for example.

We hope that you are all as thrilled as we are that this Audit, which has been long overdue for completion, is now behind us!

Best regards,




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