Bloomberg Media Press Release on $TABOO

We have officially had a publication released by Bloomberg!

Bloomberg is a global leader in business+financial news, and they published about TABOO (link shared at the bottom of this Medium Article)🙌🏼

Yes, you heard that right…. BLOOMBERG🤩

This truly does speak to the QUALITY, UNIQUENESS, and STRENGTH of our brand — one we work tirelessly on👏🏼

This is a HUGE publication for us!!

We will continue to get the word out on taboo in our global marketing campaigns for brand awareness and exposure, which we will NOT ever STOP doing

Just remember that with a media group as large as Bloomberg, they have strict vetting processes for projects and it is NOT EASY to have articles released

Our token and in the industry it’s in, having had a publication through them should REALLY remind you about how special TABOO really is

When sharing TABOO with others around you, you can simply share article like this to attest to what a great investment TABOO is👏🏼

We defy norms🔥

We pave our own path🗺

We create our own luck🍀

Destiny is in OUR hands and we are truly…


Bloomberg Article for your references👇🏼


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Taboo Token

$TABOO are an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.