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At TABOO, nothing is forbidden. We promote personal empowerment, inspiring our participants to be confident, happy, and excited to explore their taboo fantasies and hearts desires.

To achieve this goal we aim to innovate in the world of media through quality over quantity. The aim is not only to provide…

Firstly, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! We, at the core team at Taboo, hope you are all keeping safe, and enjoying important family time as we wrap up 2021!

Marketplace Introduction

We can proudly say that our first version Marketplace launch has been a smashing success!! We have…

Everyone, prepare yourselves for a lengthy medium article, covering such topics as our models’ new photoshoot location, Marketplace Update, Taboopunks and our overall Marketing plan (moving forward)! This is to hopefully cover many of the questions, everyone has, about what is going on behind the scenes, during this time!


Hello again everyone! As many are aware, we had some select beta testers, chosen from the community and some independent Dapp developers Beta test the marketplace on the mainnet. That was the reason for the Beta password on the site.

To ensure the same mistakes aren’t repeated, we have been…

To our Loyal Community,

What a fantastic last few days!

Our community has been relentless in its belief and passion for our cause. We overcame several price retracements, which provided our community and new, prospective investors an opportunity for an advantageous entry to the $TABOO coin opportunities.

Viewing our social media growth metrics, we have grown across all of our…

To our dear and loyal community members,

I’ve decided to provide the weekly update for you all, because I wanted to directly speak to the last few days. Taboo has experienced exponential growth. Truly, a crypto story of growth. From 6,000 holders to over 10,000. A market cap of $10…

Taboo Token

$TABOO are an entertainment and publishing blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create a unique user and holder experience.

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